Glammis, Bruce County, Ontario

Glammis Mission Band Signature Quilt  

The above quilt was made by the Glammis Baptist Mission Band about 1910-1914. Signature quilts were used for fundraising all over the province.  This quilt was donated to the Bruce County Museum by Marjorie Greer Bowman who was raised in Glammis and whose family has a long history in Glammis.  Below is her story of the quilt.

The 240 names on the quilt have being transcribed and are available here.

From: Marjorie E. Bowman (nee Greer)
July 4, 2010

My Mother, Laura Cunningham Greer, acquired this quilt prior to her marriage in 1922. It was always used on her guest room bed as a top quilt (bedspread).

Mom was a leader of the Glammis Baptist Church Mission Band. As a means of raising money for church missions, she organized a project in which a quilt was made. Any individual could pay 25 cents to have his or her name stitched on it. The names sown with red floss provided an attractive contrast to the white background of the quilt. When completed, Mother bought the quilt. Unfortunately, I never asked what price she paid or how much money was raised for missions.

I felt that this quilt had historical importance for our village and should be preserved and made available for the public to see and appreciate. It is now part of the collection of the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre.

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