Glammis, Bruce County, Ontario

Family Tree Listings  

Glammis and the surrounding area in Bruce Township, Greenock Township, and Kincardine Township were heavily populated in the late 1800's.  But after about 1910, much of the timber had been cut down and many people left, often for Western Canada.  This means that Glammis related names have spread throughout Canada and parts of the United Sates.  Many of these families have dedicated genealogical researchers who have assembled their family trees into internet ready format.  Below are some examples:

The Descendants of John Wilson & Frances Kneeshaw includes some of the following family names:
Metcalf, Mckeeman, Fraser, Wilson, Wrightson

The Descendants of Dundas Alexander & Elizabeth Wilson includes some of the following family names:
Alexander, Irwin, Munro, Maclean, Metcalf, Fraser, Wilson, Wrightson, Stephenson

McFadyen- Parker History
McFayden, Pickard, Howson, Cunningham

Cunningham Family and the many other families of the Glammis area.

A list of MANY families from the Paisley area with their family websites

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