Glammis, Bruce County, Ontario

Other Information  

Glammis is located in three townships and has ties to many area townships. The books on those townships have more information on Glammis and are generally available via inter-library loan.

  1. Bruce Township Laneways and Landmarks can be ordered from their website - view index
  2. Bruce Township Tales and Trails can be ordered from their website - view index
  3. Toil, tears & triumph: A history of Kincardine Township is available at some local dealers.
  4. Greenock Township History 1865-1981 and the sequel, Greenock Township 150 Years are available at many local dealers.
  5. Kinloss Township's book - view index. It is out of print, but available in libraries and at some book dealers.

If you have any information on people or places associated with Glammis before 1940, please contact John at